Push Traffic vs Popup Traffic

Traffic here refers to the people who visit your website. When you get traffic then you get more people on your visit which further means more business. Push traffic and popup traffic are both advertisement models that reach out to the target consumers and have their own reach. Popup traffic refers to the traffic that comes through popup ads which appear on various mobile applications and desktops. These ads appear as a separate window which catches the users attention. The popup ads appear only the user uses the app or desktop

As opposed to this push traffic is the traffic that is directed to your website via push notifications. These ads appear as notification that come on desktops and mobile and appear along with a small message and icon. They can appear even when the user is not using the mobile phone or desktop. The best thing about the push ads is that the notification first asks for permission from the user if they want to get the notification or no.  This helps you to the target consumers only and gets you a better click through rate. To know more about push traffic and popup traffic you can visit www.popuptraffic.net

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