Popup Traffic / Popunder Traffic – effective role of Low Bounce rate to define traffic quality and performance

Its very important to understand role of Bounce rate in advertising Industry, Bounce is defined as rate of visitors which are closing the ad where they have landed without scroll, clicking or any other activity. So, basically a bounce visitor is one, whom has closed the page straight away as a Reaction to the Popup/Popunder which has appeared. Usually Bounce rate associated with Popup/Popunder has always been expected to be in high range like 70-80% standard, where most of the audience closes down the page without any action.

We need to under stand reason for high bounce rate, and need to optimize the same

  • Poorly Designed landing pages – pages lacking Mobile Browser sync
  • Site having Bandwidth issues
  • Poor Traffic Quality – Untargeted Raw Traffic

Below is screen shot for an optimized campaign having Bounce rate between 0-5% (which is considered best). Source ID optimization methods allow our expert team to optimize an adcampaign to such a level where Client see desired results.

Price for Such inventory is in range of $5 per 1000 visitors onwards, since for such campaigns we work closely with clients / advertisers on google analytics stats and optimize campaigns for them.