Push Traffic starting $0.50 cpm onwards

Push traffic refers to the push notification that can help the online businesses to reach out to the target consumers and inform them of their products and services. When you need quality traffic at your website or if you need to bring in the regular visitors to your website frequently then you can buy the push traffic starting $0.50 CPM onwards. This is an advertising that can be used for reaching out to the target consumers. CPM here means Cost per mille or per thousand impressions. So you have to pay only $0.50 for every thousand impression of the push notifications.

 Push notifications capture user’s attention easily as they appear as a small box notification on the desktop and the phones. These have messages and an icon that catch user’s attention. Another feature that makes the push traffic packages more appealing is that push notification is sent only to the users who have agreed to receive such notifications. This makes the ad campaign more target oriented and enables you to reach out to the target consumers. When you get the push traffic to your website then it helps you to get more business easily. To know more about such traffic packages you can visit www.popuptraffic.net.

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