Fullpage Interstitial – desktop & mobile

Fullpage Interstitial Popup is available for both desktop & mobile devices.
Full page format on the horizontal interstitial that covers up complete screen of the device, served during user navigation of a website, so when user open a new window or website where adserving code is placed, Interstitial is activated. We provide Google compliant featuring a ‘Close ad’ option at the top right of the ad to ensure smooth user experiance, and to make sure users don’t get annoyed.

Popup Traffic / Popunder Traffic – effective role of Low Bounce rate to define traffic quality and performance

We need to under stand reason for high bounce rate, and need to optimize the same:-
1. Poorly Designed landing pages – pages lacking Mobile Browser sync
2. Site having Bandwidth issues
3. Poor Traffic Quality – Untargeted Raw Traffic
Below is screen shot for an optimized campaign having Bounce rate between 0-5% (which is considered best). Source ID optimization methods allow our expert team to optimize an adcampaign to such a level where Client see desired results.

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