Buy Worldwide Push Inventory

Push ads have a high reach which makes them popular with the advertisers. Push ads are basically push notification wherein a business, offer, product or service is promoted through push notification. These notifications are served on the mobile phone or desktops. However, before the notification is served, the user is asked to give permission if they wish to receive the notification. Only when the user gives the permission then the push notifications are served to the user.

When you buy worldwide push inventory then you are serving the push ads or notifications to people across the world. It helps you to reach out to the target consumers and bring them to your website.  The push notification appears as a small message window that has a small message and carries an icon. They can be served even when the user is not using the mobile phones and are noticed by then whenever they open the same. The push notifications have a higher click through rate and are more effective in bringing in the desired traffic to your website. When your business is directed at the users across the world then you can buy Worldwide push inventory which has a higher reach and is effective in promoting your business. To know more you can visit

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